Total voting results can be seen below:

Bentonville Early Millage Results: 

Yes – 2,847 votes

No – 1,518 votes

Rogers Early Millage Results:

Yes – 1,728 votes

No – 1,242 votes

Pea Ridge Early Millage Results: 

Yes – 421 votes

No – 494 votes

BENTON COUNTY, Ark. — It’s one of the fastest growing counties in the state, so it’s no surprise there Benton County schools are asking for more cash to build schools in their districts.

Pea Ridge , Bentonville and Rogers all want a millage increase for additional schools.  Special elections don’t garner the same turn out as a presidential election as a presidential election, but when it comes to schools wanting more of people’s tax dollars, the community shows up.

“Is an off election year suppose to be an off election year,” said Tena O’Brien, the Benton County Clerk.

But three school districts asking for millage increases have kept voting centers on their toes.

“Early voting numbers have been very steady. We had over 2,000 folks come out and early vote,” said O’Brien.

Although early voting numbers may seem like a good turn out, they are half of what Bentonville saw five years ago in its own millage election.

“In 2012, we had the Bentonvile special election and we had over 4,000 early voters just for that one school district so in relationship to the 2012, the numbers for the three districts is relatively low,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien welcomed all voters to show up to the polls.

“Local elections are more to me more important because it affects the people who live here so I think it’s very important that people are aware and take the time to go vote,” said O’Brien.

Jim Brummett showed up to vote against the mill increase for BPS.

“When I was in school, I went both in high school and in college, I went to school in mobile homes when there was overcrowding. Bentonville school district they just seem to assume that there’s just plenty of money around here and that everybody has so much money that it’s not gonna hurt anybody and so they just keep coming back and asking for more and more money,” said Brummett.

The district’s communications director, Leslee Wright, said this millage increase is the lowest they’ve ever requested and they hope to ease overcrowding if this millage passes.

“This is definitely the right time to grow, we are growing anyway. This is the right time to accommodate that growth with new buildings,” said Wright.