BENTONVILLE, Ark (KNWA/KFTA) — Walmart Inc. is putting sociopolitical issues at the forefront of their shareholders in a virtual meeting where they voted against eight proposals.

The sample proxy ballot shows eight proposals (5-12) for shareholders. Their votes were as followed:

  1. Policy regarding worker pay in executive compensation – voted against
  2. Report on Human Rights due diligence – voted against
  3. Racial equity audit – voted against
  4. Racial and gender layoff diversity report – voted against
  5. Request to require shareholder approval of certain future bylaw amendments – voted against
  6. Report on reproductive rights and data privacy – voted against
  7. Communist China risk audit – voted against
  8. Workplace Safety and violence review – voted against

Walmart’s reasoning to voting against the proxies from child labor, abortion information, tracking information, privacy for customers, worker safety, deals with China, discrimination, who can vote, and other statements made from workers, investors and groups can be found here.

Watch the shareholder’s meeting above.