WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) — The Washington County election officials are making sure polling places are accessible for everyone for the upcoming 2020 elections.

Improved signs, ramps and horse stall mats will be purchased to make sure all 46 polling places in the county are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

The mats will be used to cover parking lots that are gravel or grass.

Washington County Election Coordinator Jennifer Price says she’s made temporary solutions in the past, but now she’s looking for a more permanent fix.

“The idea for the mats to make the parking places actually came from outdoor festivals. They would hold a festival out at a field or in a gravel lot and they were trying to come up with ways to make those places accessible…That’s where we got the idea for the mats,” Price said.

Twenty-five mats will cost roughly $1,000.

Handicapped parking signs and stands will cost roughly $5,600.

The primary election is March 3. The general election is November 3.