Members of the Washington County Quorum Court, the Sheriff and representatives from other law enforcement agencies discussed how a new user fee at the county jail will work.

All of the parties got together Friday morning at a meeting that Sheriff Tim Helder said was meant to bounce around ideas about instituting a new jail user fee ordinance.

Helder says the only community that pays to house inmates in the detention facility is Fayetteville and, due to the economics of the situation, others will need to contribute to avoid pulling more money from the county’s general fund.

“[The Washington County] Quorum Court believes, when we talk about a user fee, it’s the municipalities that arrest people and bring them to our jail that they feel like there should be a cost-sharing in this,” Helder explained.

Helder said the ordinance currently proposed to institute the fee will likely look different before it goes up for a vote, as a result of the input from the meeting.