Down 24-8 early in the first half Wednesday night, No. 13 Arkansas rallied in the second half for a 74-68 comeback win over No. 20 Missouri at Bud Walton.

Ricky Council IV led the way on the stat sheet with 25 points and 7 rebounds, but it was freshman Joseph Pinion who came off the bench and gave the Hogs a spark.

“Coach was emphasizing it’s Kentucky against Illinois. They came out early and pushed them in the mouth and it was they’re just playing a catch up game. No time. And we obviously did the same, but we just kept fighting and kept pushing and we just came back.” said Pinion after the game.

“We knew they were a team that comes out and punches teams in the mouth, really.,” added Council, “So, you know, we had to be prepared for that. And I felt like we were. We didn’t really show it, but I felt like we were pretty prepared for it today. Like once they get their heads over it’s like, is our time to come right back at them.”

The win over Missouri give the Hogs their first SEC win of the season as they head to Auburn on Saturday.

Watch the full press conference above.