According to the 2019 Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (2019 GC HIDTA) Drug and Treatment Survey, methamphetamine poses the greatest threat to Arkansans. Here’s a look at how it compares to other drugs manufactured and trafficked in the state. 

The number of clandestine methamphetamine labs in Arkansas has dropped significantly over the last decade due to Arkansas adopting strict laws regulating the purchase of pseudoephedrine drugs, the main ingredient in homemade meth. 

The 2019 GC HIDTA shows police interdiction seizures of methamphetamine has spiked significantly from 2009 to 2017. Here’s a look at how much meth law enforcement has seized each year from distribution efforts.

The 4th Judicial drug task force made up of Farmington, Fayetteville, Greenland, Goshen, Lincoln, Prairie Grove, Springdale, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, West Fork is a strong line of defense against the distribution of methamphetamine. The below graphic shows the extent of the task force’s efforts in 2019. 

The Arkansas Department of Health reported 67 deaths from methamphetamine overdoses in 2016. If you or someone you know is battling meth addiction, here are some local resources you can reach out to for help.