WEB EXTRA: Mavie’s Tips for Staying Healthy in 2019

Mavie’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips for a Healthier 2019
1) Add healthy Smoothies to your Go To List:   Learning to make simple, nutrient packed smoothies for yourself is great for any time of day.  
2) Drink More Water, Really!  It is the foundation for healthy body function and even being 1 percent dehydrated has negative impacts on cellular function and recovery.  Setting a daily goal of a minimum of 64-70 oz per day is a good place to start.  Add more if you exercise.
3) Eat More Veggies!  Sneak them into that Smoothie. Have a serving with breakfast, keep frozen veggie steam packs in your freezer, that way you always have them available and it doesn’t have to be a cold salad all the time.  
4) Use Portion Control Packages in your Healthy Fat Adds:  Instead of just grazing on a handful of nuts because they are a healthy fat, or chowing down on a whole avocado, be mindful that these are also calorie dense foods.  Preportioned guacamole packs, and single serving nut packets can help you keep those portions appropriate! 
5). Enjoy your Favorite Whole Fruit Daily!  An apple a day really can help keep the doctor away!  Choosing nutrient and fiber loaded fruits can help keep you full, healthy and energized for the whole day.  One to two fruit servings per day, chosen based on your preference and glycemic load can be a part of your healthy foundation.  Apples, pears, grapefruits, other citrus, such as kiwi all rank high on nutrition and fiber, without spiking your blood sugar as much as grapes, bananas, papaya, etc.  It’s not to say you should never eat a banana, especially if you love them, but they shouldn’t be the only fruit you’re adding to your healthy 2019.  Variety is key and it adds some fun and flavor!
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