SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Training for a half marathon is no easy feat with two legs, so imagine doing it in a wheelchair.

That’s exactly what Chris Doane of Springdale is doing.

After he spent decades isolated from everyone he loved because of drug and alcohol addiction, the 51-year-old has decided to take life on two wheels.

Diabetes led to a partial amputation of Chris’ left leg, so after roughly 47 years of being able-bodied, he now uses a wheelchair to get around.

For the last several months, Chris has been training for the Razorback Run half marathon in late September.

Since he’ll be pushing his entire body weight for a total of 13.2 miles, he trains for several hours each and every day.

“I go to the gym an hour and a half or so each day, I push in my chair an hour and a half to two hours a day,” Chris said.

Chris begins his workout the moment he leaves his bottom-floor apartment.

He pushes the two-plus miles along the Razorback Greenway from where he lives to the Jones Center on Emma Ave in Springdale, which takes him about 30 minutes.

Once at the fitness center, Chris spends about an hour and a half lifting weights. Then, he pushes himself more than two miles back home.

Chris said, “my training has intensified because I want to build my endurance up so that I can do a marathon.”

When he first got the chair he competes in October 2020, Chris said just a single mile was tough for him to push.

Now, he can easily go three to four miles without stopping, so once he finishes the half marathon, he has set his sights on much larger races.

“Whatever races I can find that are close to me I’m going to try and do,” Chris continued, “my ultimate goal is to do the Boston marathon in a few years because I want my mom and dad to see me cross the line in Massachusetts.”