What Do Teachers Think About Moving To Bentonville West?


Bentonville West High School officially opened its doors to the public for the first time Friday, July 29th, for the school’s ribbon cutting ceremony.  As exciting as the event was for students and parents, it was also exciting for staff to see their new workspace.

“We definitely want to carry on the tradition that Bentonville has always had, and just keep it going,” says Tara Pfeil, a teacher a Bentonville West High School. 
Making the decision to come to BWHS was not an easy one for Pfeil. She along with several other teachers left Bentonville High School to start a new tradition of excellence on the West side of town.  Pfeil says, “I’ve been a teacher in Bentonville since 2000, and I was at Lincoln Junior High for six years, and then I’ve been at the high school for the last 9 – 10.” 
Once she decided to make the jump — Pfeil encountered a new problem, but found help in an unlikely place. She says, “I have a lot of stuff. After teaching for that many years, you accumulate a lot of stuff. It needed to be stored at my house all Summer so, I was lucky enough to have just a bunch of kids, like an army of kids, show up at my house and help me move it all here on Monday.” Pfeil says about 20 students showed up with their cars to help her move into her new classroom. “A lot of kids that helped me were my students that are still staying at Bentonville, so they were just excited to come see the school and get in here and check it out,” says Pfeil.
Now that the decorations are up, Pfeil is ready to begin again. She says, “Starting with like a clean slate, and so that clean slate makes me wanna like, you know, this is my chance to kind of do some things differently, so I’m excited.”  

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