FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Jill Lens is a professor of Law at the University of Arkansas. 

She says if the Supreme Court is to go through with its drafted decision, it won’t take weeks or days to ban abortion in the Natural State.

“I can’t imagine it would take more than a couple of hours,” says Lens.

That’s because Arkansas has already passed a trigger law that bans all abortion unless it’s necessary to save the life of a mother. 

“So that way Arkansas can immediately being abortions, and that will take place immediately,” says Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. 

The only thing that stands between Arkansas‘s legislators from enforcing this law is Roe v. Wade; however, if that’s overturned, there’s only one other thing that needs to happen. 

“The attorney general needs to certify that the Supreme Court did overrule Roe,” says Lens. 

This is something Rutledge has made very clear she’s looking forward to doing. 

“It will be my honor and the privilege of a lifetime to do just that,” says Rutledge. 

Potentially leaving Arkansas’ abortion advocates without a leg to stand on. 

“The only options for changing the laws in Arkansas will be changing the legislatures,” says lens.