“Having no clear retirement plan is a mistake I see a lot in our office when I am meeting with someone new.” Carla Chastain runs Chastain Financial and wants everyone to know that it is never to early to start planning. “It’s extremely rare that someone will come in with a clearly defined retirement plan that gives them income for life. “

“now one way you can get a clearly defined retirement plan, is to talk to an independent advisor that focuses on retirement planning not someone who specializes in getting you up to retirement , but someone who is dedicated to getting you through retirement.”

So if you don’t have a clear retirement plan, then call Chastain Financial, for a free review. There’s no obligation,  and there’s no cost.  Here’s what you’ll receive when you come into our office:”

Social Security Optimization – When should you start drawing your social security? Did you know there are over five hundred ways that you could receive social security.

Tailored Plan to Guard Savings

Free Tax Analysis – to reduce your liabilities and increase your cash flow.

Custom Income Plan – to boost your retirement

A Budget Assessment – to help you manage cash flow.

Integrated Plan for Retirement – to insure you have a safe, stable, and happy retirement.