FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The main roads are clear, but neighborhoods are suffering the most when it comes to ice on the roads.

Tonight temperatures are getting below freezing and residents are concerned the ice on the roads will begin to refreeze and start more problems.

Mayor Gary Blackburn of the city of Garfield says road crews have been working nonstop.

“We’ve been able to make kind of a dent in the top layer on these ice-covered streets but we’ve been unable to get down to the asphalt,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn says the equipment city crews use is not designed for these icy conditions.

“On this ice, unless you have really specialized equipment, you can’t break through it and get to the asphalt. And, it’s the sun hitting that asphalt is what eventually clears these roads up,” Blackburn said.

Peter Masonis, the public relations manager for the city of Rogers, says they ran into similar problems on the roads as the city of Garfield.

“I was out shoveling my driveway today, and the shoveling today was a little bit easier than the shoveling was yesterday. And so, that reflects also in the roads out there but a lot of the side roads are still pretty rough,” Masonis said.

Masonis says the Rogers Street Department is following a strategic plan to make the roads safe for everyone.

“The crucial ones, they get attacked first. Or the ones that have to do with an emergency, so they do the ones right around the hospital and that sort of thing. And then, they start going through the major streets, and then they shoot their way down,” Masonis said.

Masonis and Blackburn want people to know overall safety is their top priority.

“We encourage people to certainly — if they don’t have to go, don’t go, and if you do go, plan your trips and get all of your business done in one trip,” Blackburn said.