Winter Car Care: Signs of Potential Trouble


Winter temperatures can do a number on your car, and the first place you should check is under the hood.

According to mechanic Stephen Carman, owner of NWA Mobile Auto Services, battery problems often pop up when it gets cold. There are a few key warning signs to keep an eye out for including if your:

-car takes a while to start

-headlights and other lights look dim

-check engine light comes on

If any of the above are true, it may be time for a new battery. 

Tire issues are also common in cold weather. The cold decreases tire pressure, so it’s a good idea to get them filled when winter weather is on the way. 

Tires can also harden in the cold, making it harder for them to grip the road. If you see your car start to wobble as you drive, it could mean your tires need to be filled or changed.

“If your tires aren’t in good shape, if you haven’t taken care of your car, you’re going to end up on the side of the road in a ditch,” Carman said. “Or worse yet, banged up with somebody else’s car.”

Checking the tread of tires is easy and only takes a few seconds. 

1. Grab a penny and turn it upside down

2. Put it in the tread

3. If you see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you don’t have enough tread. This would mean your tires are not able to grip the road as well as they should.

For any car questions, contact Stephen Carman, owner of NWA Mobile Auto Services at (479) 222-1161

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