Woman Who says Former Superintendent Sexually Harassed her Sues District

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - The woman who claims former Fayetteville superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt sexually harassed her, filed a lawsuit to block her name from being released to the public. 

Attorney Suzzane Clark said releasing her client's name  under the Freedom of Information Act would jeopardize the victim's personal privacy.

The lawsuit said the details outlined in the complaint to the school district would embarrass and bring harassment to her client and family. 

It said it would also impact her employment and relationship with friends.

Clark reached out to Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to get her opinion on disclosing the victim's name. 

Rutledge determined the document are subject to be released -- with redact ions and some exemptions.

"There's kind of a balancing test. Obviously the public has a right to know what the government is doing, and employees are doing because they're the taxpayers. But at the same time employees that work for the government do have some right of privacy for personal matters that really aren't necessary to be released to the general public," said Tim Snively, an attorney in Fayetteville. 

Now the victim is looking to the Washington County Court to decide if her name will be revealed under FOIA.

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