We’re learning new information about two women accused of elder abuse and neglect. Rose Austin and Evelyn Schaffer are both relatives and said to be caretakers to the victim. They left her unresponsive in a living room for at least four days, according to police.


Austin, Schaffer and the victim were living together on Green Acres Road, a house known for hoarding.

The police report shows when fire crews arrived to the unresponsive person call it was hard to get in because of stacked newspapers. And, when they did, they found the victim covered in feces and with maggots inside of old wounds. Reports show she had cuts so deep her bone was exposed.

“It’s very difficult to imagine that you can walk past someone in this state of physical well being and just not take some type of action,” Fayetteville Police Sergeant Craig Stout said.

Both women bonded out of jail Tuesday and are facing charges of abuse of an adult and neglect.

Both are set to be back in court on July 25th. As for the victim, Fayetteville Police says she is still alive but remains hospitalized.