“Women deserve to be equal,” Locals Fight for Change in Northwest Arkansas Women’s March


The 2019 Women’s March was rescheduled in January due to the weather and held Saturday, February 2, in Fayetteville at the Town Center.

A little rescheduling didn’t stop men, women, and children, from marching through the streets Saturday morning to continue the fight for change in Northwest Arkansas.

“Women deserve to be equal. Everyone should be equal it doesn’t matter if you’re trans or anything,” said Ryan Lester from Young Dems Northwest Arkansas.

A sea of locals all different but standing up for the same thing, women’s equality.

“I just think it’s really inspirational to see women from all ages come together,” said Natalie Broadsereet, Northwest Arkansas local.

This year’s Women’s March was a celebration of the history women across America have made.

“In the state legislator, we have more women than ever. In Congress, we have more women than ever so I think it’s a great day to celebrate the strides that we’ve made and the progress that we need to make,” said Co-organizer of the Women’s March, Micah Wallace.

“40 years ago when my husband was running for office and changing careers, it didn’t dawn on me that even though I loved politics that I could be a politician. And 40 years later here I am,” said Arkansas Representative, Denise Garner.

No matter their age locals said they are proud to ignite the flame of change.

“A lot of people our age don’t really go to marches so I think it’s important for us to get involved with this,” said Evie Ritter, Northwest Arkansas local.

“These are all future voters. It’s important that people understand what’s going on now, learn it now when you’re younger so when you’re old enough to vote and stuff like that, you have the opportunity,” said Lester.

While strides have been made, Wallace said the fight is far from over.

“Before me, there were so many barriers for women in the workplace now we’re slowly dismantling those barriers. It’s just work we need to continue to carry on,” Wallace said.

Speakers at the Women’s March included politicians, ambassadors in the black community, pastors and even KNWA’s own Jennifer Penate. 

Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan also spoke and declared Saturday, February 2 the official Women’s March Day in Fayetteville.

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