Workers Escape Rice Mill Collapse in Stuttgart


Crews are trying to figure out what caused part of the rice capital building in Stuttgart to collapse and then catch fire. 

“The mill can be rebuilt but a person’s life cannot be,” said employee.

Reflecting on the damage that could have been much worse. 

“Very blessed that none of us were hurt,” said employee.

One of Stuttgart’s oldest rice mills lost to its age.  

What used to be doors, now look like windows exposing the singed remains eight employees escaped from at rice capital.

 “Heard it cracking and all of a sudden the roof fell in,” said employee.

This man who asked us to hide his identity was working inside Friday when the building collapsed.

“We were aware of it eventually it was going to happen.The timbers in there are very old and they eventually start to split and crack,” said employee.

Firefighters believe what came down with the walls sparked another problem

“Probably pulled the power line down and started the fire,” said Stuggart Fire Chief Jimmy Cason.

Pictures show the flames spreading through the wreckage taking hours to put it out

“Due to the collapse we couldn’t really get to the fire so we had to really improvise for a lot of it,” said Chief Cason.

With the mill destroyed employees are already focusing on rebuilding 

“It’ll take a minute to get it back together but it will come back together.”

A chance he’s not taking for granted

“We all made it out together.”

The mill recently renovated another building on the property.

An employee said the goal right now is to move what work they can to that building.

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