For folks who workout at the Fayetteville Athletic Club, they want to get the best workout, for maximum results. If you poll social media or even all of the members at FAC, you would hear things across the board from the latest fad workout to what their best friend or their family member had success on so there is no one workout that will give you maximum results. A lot of people experience short term or lack of success or lack of those results for one main reason and that is not teaching your body the moves correctly before you start the exercise. 
One basic move is a lunge and your basic lunge you want to set it up. For a lot of people, the biggest mistake is folks will set their lunge up on a balance beam and they’re wobbly and not able to get stable. To help with that, you want first think about setting your feet up on railroad tracks. Sink down and then use a mirror to check your knees. You want a 90 degree bend in the front and back, so your chest is up nice and tall, raising your front heel and shoulders and back are down and correct lunge down and up. From here, you want to perfect this and then you are able to progress on.
You can take the lunge from its lunge to a tap or a lunge to a knee lift so there is a lot of ways you can add on to a lunge. You can also add weights. In addition, adding upper body movement, but until you have the solid foundation a good solid technique lunge you’re not able to add on and you are also risking injury.
So remember, if you want good results, get the the good technique first.
To see this workout, click on the video box to see this exercise demostrated by Reagen from Fayetteville Athletic Club.