Workout Wednesday: Using your Body Weight

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In today’s Workout Wednesday, Regan from the Fayetteville Athletic Club has the benefits of using your body in a workout versus using weights.

We’re going to start off with a push exercise. We’re going to do a push-up. So that’s your first exercise. You’re going to do 10 reps of the push-up. Second, you’re going to move to an athletic movement. We’re going to do a ladder drill for our athletic movement. You’re going to do this for about 30 seconds. So if you can time yourself, that would be great. Thirty seconds on the athletic movement. From there, you’re going to move to your pull exercise. For our pull exercise, we’re going to do a flat-back fly. Then, from the flat-back fly, your pull exercise, you’re going to move to the core stabilization exercise. You’re going to bring the knee across from a plank position. So plank position, bring the knee across. We’re going to do 10 reps on each side for the core stabilization. From there I want you to move to just an active rest. What I like to use for an active rest when I’m here at the gym is just a lap around the track. Find something that keeps you moving but allows your body to rest just a little bit. So we’re going to do 10 reps of everything except for that athletic movement. You’re going to time it for 30 seconds. You’re going to do that entire block, the entire circuit, you’re going to do it 5 times if you can. So next time you head to the gym, give this a try and see what you think.

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