HIGHFILL, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Did you know that you can have tamales, a bat, power tools, and a garage opener in your check-in luggage?

Millions of Americans will be hitting the skies over the next several weeks, so the Northwest Arkansas National Airport held a public demonstration on the dos and don’ts of items you take with you on a plane.

“Power tools, garage door openers, deer head that they hunted, or even dummies that they use for CPR training, all of those items are allowed,” said Patricia Mancha, spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration for Arkansas.

Mancha says with the increase of people they will see in the airports around the holiday season, she knows that means people will travel with not just gifts, but food too.

“The number one food question we get is tamales during Christmas, ‘Can I travel with tamales?’ Yes, you can, but the salsa is limited to 3.4 ounces,” Mancha said.

However, there is one item that is not allowed at all.

“The number one prohibited item we get is a bottle of water,” Mancha said.

Mancha says all the items she listed still have to go through specific checks and certain criteria but are allowed.

Alex English the Public Affairs Manager for XNA says knowing these tips can help passengers reach their goal of getting on a safe and timely flight.

“Our goal for them is making sure that they get to their flight and get to their destination that’s the most important thing at an airport,” English said.

English says knowing these rules can make a big difference during the crowded holiday season.

“It’s just a good refresher on what you can and can’t take through the checkpoint and any other questions or concerns you might have,” English said.