ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) – In this week’s ‘You Ask, We Answer’ report, KNWA found out what prompted the format of Arkansas license plates to change.

Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, said the state has exhausted every single option it has under the current three number, three letter format. He said the state started with 001 AAA and went from there. With no options left, the state had to come up with a new format. The license plate will now feature three letters, two numbers, then another letter.

“Once we switch to this new format, we will just be issuing it to those who need a new plate,” he said. “Your old plate, the three numbers and three letters format, will remain totally valid and there’s no reason why you need to replace it.”

Hardin expects the switch to the new plates to happen sometime in April 2021. He said this should provide millions of new combinations and shouldn’t need to be changed for another decade or two.

The last license plate issued before the switch will be 999 ZZZ. The odds of someone in Northwest Arkansas receiving it are pretty high, according to Hardin.

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