FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Are you able to change your name after it has been engraved on Senior Walk at the University of Arkansas?

Senior Walk is the University of Arkansas’ longest tradition, featuring more than 170,000 graduates dating back to 1904.

John Thomas, Manager of University Communications at the University of Arkansas, said students submit how they would like their name displayed on Senior Walk when they apply for graduation. Names can be shortened versions of a graduate’s legal name, but must be a version of their legal name as it is at the time of graduation.

Once the names are engraved into Senior Walk, they can only be changed if there is an error, like a misspelling or typo. Changes to legal names after graduation, like those related to marriages, divorces and transgender name changes, are not changed on the walk, according to Thomas.

“A name for a transgender person is no different than if someone got married or divorced or just had a full name change,” he said. “We treat those all the same way and they are looked at in the same way as anything else. It’s less about that they won’t do it and it’s more about the logistics of trying to change Senior Walk. Those names that get put in there obviously take a lot of time to do, so that’s why Senior Walk stays as is.”

Thomas said even though you can not change your name on Senior Walk, you can do so on your diploma and academic record with the proper documentation.

You can submit a request to the registrar’s office here.

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