NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — In this week’s ‘You Ask, We Answer’ report, KNWA found out where your gas tax goes in Arkansas.

There are 2.9 million registered vehicles in Arkansas. Data shows more than 4 million gallons of regular gasoline is purchased every day in the state.

Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, said any time you go to the pump, you are going to be paying about $.24 in taxes per gallon of regular gasoline. 70-percent of that goes to the Arkansas Department of Transportation, 15-percent goes to counties, and 15-percent goes to cities

“70-percent of that is going to go to highways, so the state highway department,” Hardin said. “The other 30-percent is going to be divided between cities and counties. Now, it’s not necessarily the city or county you are purchasing it in, there is a formula based on population and other factors. But ultimately, all of this is at the end of the day going to roads. The 70-percent to the state highway department, then the 15-percent to cities and 15-percent to counties. So, every time you fill up and you are paying that $.24 per gallon, you are contributing to Arkansas’ roads.”

Hardin said the gas tax generates several hundred million dollars every year for roads in the state.

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