BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) —  In this week’s ‘You Ask, We Investigate’ report, KNWA’s Katelynn Zoellner found out how authorities track down stolen packages.

More than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day and the majority of package thefts happen during December.

More and more people are choosing to have their items shipped to them rather than going to pick them up in person a store. But, with all of those deliveries comes the possibility that your package could get stolen.

“Across Northwest Arkansas, there are more and more people shopping online,” said Sgt. Gene Page, Bentonville Police Department. “It’s just the new norm. So, we know every year more packages are going to be delivered and we know there’s going to be more packages stolen.”

No specific number of cases involving stolen packages have been reported by police in Northwest Arkansas, but if you through neighborhood social media pages, you can see it’s a common crime. Police said most packages are recovered in unrelated arrests.

“So, maybe a drug arrest, maybe it was a drug raid or something like that,” Page said. “We will find a large number of packages in one home or maybe inside one car and then we will be able to return those. But, that’s very rare. It’s very difficult to get these items back.”

Page said the best way to get your package back is to file a report with law enforcement.

“What we really are going to need is a serial number and that can be very, very difficult,” he said. “But, you can reach out to the company and see if they can get the serial number and send it back to you. And, then we can list it as stolen.”

Page said there are several ways you can protect your packages from being stolen:

  • Have your package delivered to your work.
  • Have your package held at your local post office for pickup.
  • Take advantage of the ship to store open that many stores offer.
  • Request that your package has signature confirmation upon delivery.
  • Install a video doorbell or security cameras.

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