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FAYETTEVILLE, AR – “March is national nutrition month” Raye Pitts, MS, RDN, LD is a dietician with Washington Regional.  She handles people’s dietary concerns and she says that snacking is not a bad thing. “so I would say there’s not a fits all there’s not a hard and fast rule, but most people require at least one to two snacks a day.” Great news for people who enjoy a small bite between meals.

 “I think staying hydrated avoiding, you know, the added sugars, caloric drinks. Drinking water throughout the day helps you to be mindful of those hunger cues, as well, and eating snacks helps prevent restrictive eating and then over consuming later because you haven’t had anything throughout the day. So I would say at least one to two snacks is usually appropriate for most people and you know you may even require more.”

“Convenience items definitely have some hidden sources of sugar on the nutrition label they actually now include added sugars so that’s something I look for when I’m picking out a snack.  If I’m on the go I typically try to look for something that is low in those added sugars, definitely something under 10 grams is a good option, and just try to find something also in convenience items that have some fibers, because that’s going to keep you fuller longer. So that’s something I look at on the label, like I said trying to avoid added sugars. That’s going to cause a sugar crash later in the day. And combining foods with a carb and a protein the carb gives you instant energy and then the protein and the fat and the fiber give you energy later on throughout the day (and) keep you fuller longer. So I like to combine yogurt with fruit to add in some sweetness, add in some fiber and also you know veggies with hummus, veggies with guac, you can do a whole grain chip with hummus, and hard-boiled egg with fruit is a great option. Any whole-grain toast with nut or seed butter with some fruit on top all those are great options. 

For more information visit Washington Regional’s Website.

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