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Acute Stroke Treatment with Thrombectomy

Washington Regional -  Thrombectomy is a complimentary treatment for an acute stroke intervention. Acute stroke treatment.

Dr. Mehmet Akdol from the NWA Neuroscience Institute at Washington Regional explains how it works. "The first thing we do when the patient shows up with an acute stroke is to give the patient the clot buster drug. The IV tPA.

But sometimes, if the patient is not a candidate for drug treatment, or when it's dangerous for the patient to receive that kind of treatment, or you give the treatment to the patient but the response is incomplete, the vessel is still down, then the best way to help the patient may be by going through the groin into the effected vessel inside the brain. Dropping in like a vacuum cleaner, or something like a cork screw, and to take the clot out of the vessel tube.

When you restore the normal blood flow, the idea is there will be some damage to the brain no matter what. There will be some brain cells lost already. But there will be some others struggling to survive but not dead yet.

If you can restore the blood flow to those tissues and to those cells, they will survive the event. They will be stunned for while, but they will survive the event. And at the end of the day, you'll see a better neurological recovery and neurological improvement after the episode. "

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