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Fayetteville, AR -  "It's really important for busy moms and ladies of any age to have a well woman visit or preventative healthcare visit."  Dr. Erin Large is and Obstetric and Gynecologist with Washington Regional's Her Health Clinic, and she says " Whether you are in your late teens, or whether you are in your mid sixties and done with your reproductive years, you still need to come in for a well woman visit with your obstetrician and gynecologist."

"During your annual visit, you'll meet our medical assistant. You may meet a nurse, you may even immediately meet your physician or your practitioner, whether it's a nurse practitioner or a physician's assistant. You will come in, you will give a detailed history. Even if you've been seeing your physician for years, you will still need to update your history. Whether it's changes in your medications, whether it's new medical problems, hospitalization or surgeries throughout the year. It's important to update your doctor on new allergies."

"We'll also do a detailed take on your family history, because that can be really important as we asses your screening for the next several years of your life. Whether cardiac screening or cancer screening. A physical exam will be performed. This, in my practice, includes a head to toe exam. Examine your thyroid, listening to your heartbeat and your lungs. Includes a breast exam, a belly exam, and in the right patient setting and for the right patient, a pelvic exam. Usually it includes some type of a cancer screening, whether it's a pap smear as indicated at that time or infection screening as indicated for a particular patient."

"At the completion of that, there'll be an evaluation and counseling about lifestyle changes. This is an opportunity to make a reproductive plan for certain patients. This is an opportunity for your doctor to remind you about a colon cancer screening, your bone health, to talk your heart health. And for a lot of patients, to talk about nutrition and exercise, and making healthy changes to prevent obesity or to curb obesity. And the completion of your visit, sometimes medications are involved. And follow up appointments are made. Sometimes referrals are made for imaging to evaluate your insides, or also further screening and testing and follow up appointments when you return. "

You can book an appointment at the Her Health clinic by calling 479-463-5500.

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