The NFL Draft will be taking care of the business side of things inside the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and we got a look inside Selection Square.  

The NFL has rented out the building for a week and transformed the inside into their business headquarters. 

Inside you can see every team is represented at tables where reps will sit and make their selections, before going to the head table and being verified.  

Selections will then be announced by the commissioner and announced on the stage on Broadway.  

Like all the other draft events, Selection Square will be free and open to the public to come watch, giving you a real insider look at how the draft operates. 

“Everyone knows or thinks about the commissioner; this is the inner workings. It’s the actual selection process so it’s a Unique opportunity to see selections coming in. They are filled out on a card that’s held up and you will see it live before commissioner makes announcement,” Erik Finkelstein NFL Senior director of event operations told News 2. 

He says seating will be first come first serve, just as if you are coming to see a show. There are also some viewing spots down on the floor.  

Right now, crews are putting the finishing touches on the power and phone lines they had to install so that they are ready to play ball Thursday.