NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville company has had to hire some helping hands as they take on work for the NFL Draft. 

Gary Musick Productions and Destination Musick City are designing and fabricating several sets for NFL Draft stages. 

From Christmas to Mardis Gras and Country decor there is a little bit of everything when it comes to props inside their 50,000 square foot warehouse, but right now they are hammering away for the draft. 

From painting props to finalizing the flooring, employees are fighting the clock to wrap up set production by Friday. 

“This has really been like a six- week thing from contact with the client to creative to fabricating to completely loading in. So, it’s been really short, it’s been a lot of fun and it’s been a nice little pop of revenue we weren’t expecting to be honest,” Event Producer Sarah Freeman told News 2. 

She says work is nearly complete on six sets for ESPN to use during the draft. 

“We’ve got three main stages that are going to be on downtown Broadway and those are just going to be live broadcasted from and then we’ve got three others that are going to be going on over at the stadium and those are where they are going to be shooting like their radio shows and that kind of stuff and their fan fair stages as well,” said Freeman. 

From a guitar pick coffee table to guitar camera sliders, she says Music City will be the theme showcased on the stages. 

“We really just went for a Nashville theme and a Nashville vibe for all of them. So, you are going to see a lot of wood, a lot of brick, trying not to play off that honkytonk vibe too much but trying to give people an authentic Nashville look.” 

While there is no shortage of creative minds, Freeman says they did hire some extra workers for the project. 

“So, we have three full-time people here on staff to build, fabricate, that kind of stuff and we’ve had to bring on two additional people just to execute our workload. So, it’s almost doubling the full-time staff that we have which is huge.” 

While Gary Musick Productions has a long list of notable clients, Freeman is excited about her work being showcased on a national level. 

“I feel like it honestly validates me and my work. I’m very proud of the clients I get to work with and the events I get to do in this city and then to have Nashville recognized on this scale is huge,” explained Freeman. 

The plan to loading in on Saturday and have all of their sets in place downtown by Tuesday.