Around 2,000 volunteers have stepped up to help with the NFL Draft. 

Officials with the NFL say more volunteers applied to help than needed. 

Some 800 volunteers went through training Thursday, which was called “FANS FIRST!”

The 90-minute session included new renderings of the Draft layout, details about The NFL Fan Mobile Pass app, the Draft Experience, and an overview of the entire event. 

We caught up with a volunteer who says he is a big football fan and wanted to do his part. 

“Great experience, doesn’t happen here too often so I just want to be a part of the experience more than just a visitor, partake and do my little part for the community,” Michael Quick said.

Jon Barker who is head of production and operations for NFL events talked about the importance of volunteers. 

“Volunteers [are] the spirit, it’s the backbone of the event. It’s the layer that you have to add from the local community,” he said. “They really play this important role as ambassadors, welcoming everybody to the city of Nashville it’s a wonderful piece for us.”

The NCVC reiterated that the draft event couldn’t go on without the volunteers stepping in to help.