BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Benton County citizens will soon receive a blue or yellow postcard in the mail.

The county clerk’s office is seeking to verify voters’ addresses and update other information, a process that is required by both federal and state laws and performed every odd-numbered year.

Residents will reportedly receive one of two types of postcards: A blue postcard will be sent if the resident has not voted in two years, or an attempt to communicate with the voter via mail
has resulted in the mail being returned “Undeliverable.” Voters are asked to please fill out the card information and return back to the mailbox. The postcard is already postmarked.

A yellow postcard will be sent if residents did not previously respond to a blue postcard two years ago and have not voted in any election in the last four years. This postcard is a notice of impending cancellation. Voters need to fill out the yellow postcard and send it back to the County Clerk’s office.

If the resident does not send back the notice of impending cancellation within 30 days, the voter’s registration will be canceled and the voter will need to re-register to vote no less than 30 days prior to any election in which they wish to vote, the county clerk’s office says.

The County Clerk is sending out these postcards to confirm current information ahead of the 2024 election. Residents who have moved to Benton County will need to complete a voter registration application, and those who have moved to another address in the county can respond to the confirmation notice by calling or emailing the Benton County Clerk’s Office to update their voter registration.

Voter registration and current address can be checked at any time on the Arkansas Secretary of State’s website.