BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The city of Bentonville is under several road construction projects which is causing more road congestion than usual.

Botanicals in Bentonville opened its doors in mid-September.  The new international sports bar is located on A street. According to Alex Robinson, a bartender at Botanicals, everything has been smooth sailing.

“We’ve got some really good feedback on it. And it’s been really fun to get people to come in here and to check it out. It’s kind of a new scene in Bentonville,” said Robinson.

Road construction is currently being done on Southeast A Street, East Central Avenue and Southeast 2nd Street.

However, Robinson says the road construction hasn’t deterred customers.

“It hasn’t been too bad for us since it’s more on 8th and we are on A,” said Robinson. “When we first opened A was closed off as well it was pretty impactful but now that they moved over there it’s not as bad.”

Some roads will even be closed throughout the holidays which could cause traffic to be more congested this holiday season. However, Robinson isn’t too worried about that.

“I’m super excited for it because more people are going to be coming downtown,” said Robinson.

Stacy Wilmot, manager of Beautiful Lives Thrift Store says Bentonville does have its challenges.

“Parking has always been a bit of a challenge. I know they are trying to fix that with a parking garage,” said Wilmot.

Beautiful Lives has experienced the growing pains that come with a growing city. Renovations are currently in progress one story up.

“So, we’ve been hearing drills and saws and hammers and sometimes it’s like whoa what’s that,” said Wilmot.

Wilmot says Bentonville has loads of restaurants and shops which shows just how much Bentonville has grown over the years.