BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — As the war wages on between Russia and Ukraine, people worldwide are headed to surrounding areas to volunteer in any way they can. 

Trevor Dane is a Bentonville resident who works for Arvest Bank, but a couple of weeks back, he left his family and work behind and headed to Poland for 10 days to volunteer his time helping Ukrainian refugees.  

“I said I just have to go, there was a lot that I could do here to help. but, there’s just no substitute for actually being there on the ground helping and every way I can,” 

Dane paid his own way to get to Poland and used two weeks of his vacation time from work to make this possible.  

Once on the border in Shemesh, he worked with World Central Kitchen preparing meals for those coming over from Ukraine.  

He also spent a part of his time working with a group called the “Polish Humanitarian Action.”

“With the Polish, people are doing are opening their houses they are opening their communities they are shining a light to the world,” Dane said.

After seeing thousands of people who lost absolutely everything, he says he’ll never look at his life the same way again.

“It leaves an impact on you I have a six-year-old daughter and I saw so many kids that look like my daughter. the human toll of what’s going on is just unbelievable.”

During his time on the Ukrainian border Dane noticed a lot of the Ukrainian kids drawing as a form of therapy.

So now he’s organizing a program called “Hugs from Friends” where American kids can draw pictures and send them to Ukrainian refugees. 

Dane says four American schools have gotten involved so far.