BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Bentonville School Board heard an update on bus safety at Tuesday’s meeting after a kindergartner was left on a hot bus for hours in September.

The Transportation Director Jason Salmons outlined the district’s app that notifies parents when kids get on and off the bus, cameras inside the bus, and no child left behind buttons that sound an alarm until the driver walks to the back of the bus to turn it off.

“Parents will receive notifications when they swipe on and off or when the driver does it manually,” Salmons said.

Board President Eric White said the district is ensuring there are multiple layers of security on the school buses.

“We want to put the layer of training and the right people driving our buses and doing the right things with their training and policy on top of the technology,” White said.

The district now notifies parents of all ages if their children do not show up to class.

Some parents also petitioned to have a special board meeting after the regular meeting to discuss bus safety on Tuesday.