SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The City of Siloam Springs is swinging its way back to the golf course after the previous owners gave them the paperwork for ownership. 

Dale Akins, a frequent golfer at the golf course, says he found his love for it after his wife passed away from cancer and his daughter encouraged him to find something to do to keep him busy.

He says the golf course is important to him but it was going downhill until a new company tried to rebuild it.

Akins with the city taking over, thinks that was the only way the golf course was going to survive. 

“I think it’ll ensure that all the bills get paid and keep that going so we don’t get behind in that nature,” he said. 

Megan Whitworth, communication manager with the city of Siloam Springs, says the previous owners of the golf course turned in paperwork for the city to take over.

“It was having a hard time making profit,” Whitworth said.

According to Christina Petriches, finance director with the city of Siloam Springs, the city owns the land underneath so that’s why it was returned to them. 

The city is now partnering with Maxim Golf Solutions company to help keep it running for the residents. 

“And I’m hoping and praying that it does because I don’t know where I’d go if it does fail,” Akins said. 

Whitwork says they’re working hard to improve the golf course but there are some challenges.

She says the Parks and Recreations will take over the greens. 

“I think the past couple years, the management has really tried to improve the greenery and the grass for the golf pros, and that’s just something that we’re going to be taking on,” Whitworth said. 

Whitworth also says since she has never done marketing for a golf course before, she has been researching.

“I’m really excited to be able to take on that opportunity,” Whitworth said. 

Petriches says there is $125,000 in the budget for the golf course next year and they anticipate a loss of about $35,000 in operations. 

“This is minimal compared to, say, the city pool and the additional funds are available in case there are some capital needs,” Petriches said. 

She says the city understands they will have to make up the loss. 

The golf course will continue to be open during the winter according to Whitworth and the city is hoping to do a ribbon cutting at the golf course in the spring.

“We are also excited to continue offering golf to our citizens,” Whitworth said.