BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, the Watershed Conservation Resource Center, and Crossland Construction announced they will be collaborating on a restoration project at Coler Creek.

According to a release, the goal of the construction will be to remove the low water crossing that spans Coler Creek near Airship Coffee and the Homestead.

Conceptual design of replacement structures at the Coler Creek low-water crossing

The release explains that the WCRC is set to design a rock revetment to stabilize the streambank and rock structure to distribute the grade through the area of the former crossing. The structures will reportedly be designed for fish passage and will tie into the existing grades downstream of the slab.

The streambank and terrace will also be revegetated with native plants. The floodplains on both sides of the stream will be reconstructed and revegetated with native vegetation.

Coler Mountain says the restoration will help native plants and wildlife thrive.