HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The defense for a Bentonville fire captain who was arrested and charged with battery after a fight with an Asian man outside of Oaklawn Casino in Hot Springs claims he was “involuntarily intoxicated” during the altercation.

Benjamin Snodgrass, 44, told the victim, Liem Nguyen, that he “did not belong in this country,” before attacking him, according to court documents.

A new brief filed in Snodgrass’ case suggests that Snodgrass was “dosed with a hallucinogen,” and not in his right mind at the time of the altercation, which was captured on casino security camera, therefore he is not responsible for battering Nguyen.

That night, Snodgrass reportedly called 911 multiple times and told a dispatcher, “there is crazy s*** going on,” and “they’re probably f****** pumping gases like no one’s business.”

Snodgrass did confirm that he consumed around 10 alcoholic beverages prior to the attack and didn’t directly recall the fight.

Snodgrass’ defense attorney said in the court filing, “It’s a miracle that after being dosed with a hallucinogen Mr. Snodgrass was not more severely injured while the first responders of Garland County failed him.”

According to a case brief, prosecutors suggest that there is no evidence that Snodgrass was drugged.

“The Defendant’s loss of memory is important as well. It is possible that the Defendant took
MDMA voluntarily and is unable to remember taking it. There is no evidence and no testimony
that anyone in the bar had any motivation to drug him,” a brief submitted by state prosecutors reads.

Snodgrass’ next hearing is set for October 1.