FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – A former Fayetteville and Springdale Public School educator was found guilty of harassment by a judge Tuesday in Fayetteville district court.

Dr. Mark Oesterle, 47, was arrested in April 2019 for harassment, a misdemeanor charge. Fayetteville Judge William A. Storey found Osterle guilty of the charge and sentenced him to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine, plus court fees, according to court records.

The Judge ordered Oesterle report to the Washington County Detention Center June 29.

On Wednesday, Oesterle filed an appeal with Washington County Circuit Court, according to Fayetteville district court.

March 2019, Oesterle is facing 3 counts of sexual assault in the 2nd degree, all felonies, according to court documents.

  • Count 1: Oesterle touched the breast of the alleged victim.
  • Count 2Oesterle engaged in sexual contact with a minor on, or about, October 2015.  The alleged victim was 14 years old and a student at the school where he worked.
  • Count 3: Oesterle engaged in sexual contact with a minor on, or about, August or September 2015. 

The arrest warrant for Oesterle states that in 2015 Oesterle sexually assaulted young teens who were students at a school he worked at.  These are Class B felonies that carry 5-20 years in the penitentiary and/or up to a $15,000 fine. 

Oesterle was previously an assistant principal at the Don Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale from 2015-2016. Before that, he was an assistant principal at Har-Ber High School from 2014-2015.

He resigned from his Fayetteville Public School’s role as Executive Director of Secondary Education in March 2019.

Both Fayetteville and Springdale Schools issued statements following the sexual assault allegations in March 2019.

Oesterle’s next court appearance is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. July 17 in Washington County Circuit Court.