FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — People protested at C4 nightclub and lounge in Fayetteville Saturday for alleged mishandling of sexual assault on their premises.

The group said that while the club is marketed as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community, the club is not keeping up with that standard.

Meleah Whitehead is an organizer of the protest. She said they want to see tangible change happen at the club.

““I would like to see one, more accountability, there needs to be more safety so drinks don’t get drugged. Nobody wants to get roofied going to the club,” Whitehead said. “We’re willing to fight for change, we’re willing to fight.”

Jamie Wilson, owner of C4 released a statement on Facebook.

We pride ourselves with providing a space that is welcoming to all. A space that allows people to express themselves without judgement or ridicule. We do this in a way that meets or exceeds the demands of 99% of our patrons. Unfortunately, we cannot make everyone happy including people who have never been in our walls. The incident that started this situation, we did not have video of Butt “groping” of a man who did this to a previous female lover.. we did give what video we had to the authorities. Due to other accusations that have come out about this individual OUTSIDE of our walls. We have asked him to not return. Unfortunately that is all we can do. These people feel their voices should be heard, and as the group of humans we are, we say let them be heard. They have this right. We will not be in attendance at the March. We wish them well and hope they get what they need from the event.

-Jamie Wilson, C4 owner