BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Benton County said its road crews aren’t hitting the streets until the rain clears out and they can start plowing.

Road crew workers expect to start plowing around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

The plows are located at Benton County‘s three road yards located in Bentonville, Decatur and Garfield. Melody Kwok with the county said road crews at each location have their plans in place in order to cover all of the county roads by the time most people wake up Wednesday morning. 

“Tuesday night, when the switch from rain to snow is over, we really advise people to stay off the road, It’s going to be dark and the visibility is going to be really low. The roads are going to be really slick,” said Kwok.

She said ideally they’d have a salt brine mixture spread across all streets before any precipitation but says it would most likely just wash off. Instead, they’ve only added grit to roads that are more dangerous during winter weather, such as bridges, curves, and hills.

“Right now, the timing of the storm is going to be difficult because it is falling overnight and that’s a little bit harder because there’s no sun, there’s no visibility, and it’s colder,” said Kwok.

Benton County also has a new salt mixture called ice slicer that Kwok said road crews may test out, since it causes less corrosion to roads and could melt ice and snow quicker.

Drivers on the interstate will likely see the Arkansas Department of Transportation trucks spreading salt brine. Dave Parker with ARDOT said their trucks are not waiting for the rain to clear out to start pretreatment.

“Sometimes it’s going to be coming down so hard we won’t be able to keep up with plows. That’s why we are in 24/7 mode. All the major roads are getting pretreated now in anticipation of the system coming,” said Parker.

Parker suggests drivers minimize traveling at night or in the early morning, but overall be cautious and aware of the winter road conditions.

Along with staying off the road as much as possible, the road crews want drivers to be mindful when driving while they are plowing. They’re asking those to give them as much room as possible.