BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Bentonville City Council voted 7-1 Tuesday night on a consent decree that would allow for the removal of the Lake Bella Vista dam.

The debate on whether or not to repair or remove the dam has been going on for years. The city council voted to enter into a consent decree with Cooper Realty Investments. It involves a plan to remove the dam and add features to the area to make it into a park. Some of the features include side ponds and water riffles.

An environmental group, Friends of Little Sugar Creek, has been advocating for the removal of the dam. Greg Van Horn said removing the dam will allow the creek to flow freely. However, he said he’s worried about the impact the surrounding features of the park will have on the area.

“There are structures that are listed in the consent decree that create side channel ponds and the consent decree which requires the city to maintain minimum water levels, and this area is going to be subject to heavy flooding, and that’s going to be difficult for the city’s control,” Van Horn said.

You can view the plans for the area here.