FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A little over a month after it went up, a mural in Fayetteville reading ‘LOVE UNITES US’ has been vandalized.

In July, “white pride” was painted over the building on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Fayetteville.

In response, local artist Olivia Trimble painted over the sign with a different message: ‘LOVE UNITES US.”

On Tuesday, September 15, Trimble woke up to the news that more hateful language was painted on the building, with someone striking the word “UNITES” and replacing it with “WEAKENS.”

On the other side of the building, the vandal wrote “14 Words” — a reference to a popular white supremacist slogan.

A Fayetteville police officer was on scene making a report on Tuesday.

Trimble says she will work to cover the vandalism as quickly as she can.