BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — XNA Airport unveiled a new art installation Monday, dubbed “Ice and a Slice” that covers the exterior of side-by-side service buildings on Regional Avenue.

According to a press release, the installation, by Camille Walala, takes its title from a classic line that British air hostesses would repeat to travelers on board when offering them a drink, “would you like ice and a slice of lemon in your drink?”

It has been exciting to watch the installation unfold over the past two months. Our goal was to signal the vibrance of Northwest Arkansas’ culture and community through a welcoming piece of public art. Ice and a Slice gives visitors a taste of the energy here, and an impression of the art experiences that are part of everyday life in NWA.”

Olivia Walton, OZ Art NWA

The release notes the installation is also reflected inside the airport terminal greeting flyers through a lounge space designed by the artist. OZ Art says the interior installation was created to give visitors an opportunity to get close to, and close up with the artist’s work.

“This new collaboration with Oz Art was such a huge undertaking. The scale of the two XNA’s buildings is massive and the lounge installation was created and built completely from scratch. This is a dream project for an artist like Camille who has the incredible talent to breathe new life to architecture and to create welcoming spaces. With “Ice and a Slice” she was able not only to revamp and improve but also to create a shared experience combining public art and fun for Northwest Arkansas visitors and locals,” expressed Justkids founder and curator Charlotte Dutoit. 

The lounge, central to all gates and visible from XNA’s security checkpoint, consists of furniture that mirrors the color scheme and patterns of the outdoor work.

Ice and a Slice installation began on May 9 with a group of local painters executing the work. It is produced by OZ Art NWA and curated by Justkids in partnership with XNA.