JOHNSON, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — New breast biopsy technology is now available at Northwest Breast Imaging Center at Willow Creek in Springdale.

A press release from Northwest Health says the outpatient procedure allows physicians to take a small tissue sample while patients are seated or lying on their side versus lying face down for the procedure.

According to the release, during the procedure technologists will compress the breast to pinpoint the biopsy location, then tissue samples are collected. The 3D technology reportedly allows physicians to take fewer samples and reduces exam time while making it easier for small nodules and calcifications to be seen, which medical officials say is key when treating patients with dense breast tissue.

“We’re always focused on the comfort of our patients and our new 3D breast biopsy machine offers them the opportunity to be in the best position for their procedure,” said Lisa Nims, Northwest Breast Imaging Supervisor. “Along with the new machine we have an upgraded device that provides faster and more detailed images on the screen.”

In addition to the new technology, the Breast Imaging Center at Northwest offers 3D
mammograms – both diagnostic and screening. Northwest Health says with 3D mammograms, multiple images of the breast are taken so doctors may view tissue layer by layer. Instead of a flat image, these image layers allow fine details to become more visible for radiologists when viewing test results.

To learn more about all these offerings and to schedule an appointment, call 479-757-1600