FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — People from all over Northwest Arkansas came together as one to speak out against violence Sunday through an antiwar peaceful protest in Fayetteville.

“My voice must be heard,” said Hamed Al Alamat, one of the participants in the antiwar peaceful protest.

Al Alamat and others gathered at the Washington County Courthouse to take a stance. They called it the ‘Stop the War’ protest.

“We have whites. We have non-whites. We have Muslims. We have non-Muslims. You have Christians. We have non-Christians. Everybody is coming for the same cause,” said Al Alamat.

As a descendant of Palestinian parents and grandparents, he said he’s seen and heard about the impact of the Israel-Hamas War most of his life.

“They have been driven out to Jordan. So they suffered what other people are suffering right now. I understand the suffering,” said Al Alamat.

Al Alamat said his parents died as refugees in Jordan but still he says they suffered. He says that’s one of his main reasons to protest, for people who can’t, like his parents.

“We hope that our voice will be heard by officials and officials,” said Al Alamat.

Ted Swedburg, another protester, has family friends caught up in the war.

“Niece and husband are hostages. I’ve stayed in Gaza as well. I know people there who burn, who are being bombed,” said Swedenburg.

He says he’s traveled to Israel and Gaza and made new friends there. He chose to take a stance for them.

“It’s beyond horrific. And you can see that people are like, no, this can’t can’t go on. I have to do something different,” said Swedenburg.

Others showed a passion for the main goal of peace for the end of the Israeli-Hamas war.