WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Property taxes have jumped 60% in Washington County since 2020. 

Washington County Assessor Russell Hill says the taxes are reinvested in the school district, city, and county you live in. 

Hill says property values went up with the reappraisal that was done this year and yours could have gone up even more if you made any home improvements or big purchases such as a new car. 

Hills says there are a lot of people moving into the county and with all the building they did this year, a new record was set. 

“We discovered almost $1.3 billion just in new construction alone in Washington County that will be added to the tax rolls,” Hills said. 

He says this initiated a rollback for the county, school districts, and cities which will provide a little bit of a tax break for folks just because so much growth is going on.

You won’t see that possible tax break until next year.

Jason Smith, broker-owner of Smith and Associates Real Estate, thinks the increase was needed to help with the continued growth. 

“I think it’s good for the community. And the community needs those resources and the fair valuation,” Smith said. 

He says the increase would most likely not discourage people from buying homes.

“Most people purchase another home because of a life change that they’re experiencing and they kind of just have to give in to it and say okay, this is the way it is if I’m going to move on,” Smith said. 

Smith says if you miss the deadline to pay your taxes, the county will put a lien on your property.

If you have any issues with your taxes,  he encourages you to talk with your county assessor. 

The next appraisal cycle is in 2027. 

You have until October 16 to pay your property taxes either by mail which needs to be postmarked by that day or online. 

“When our deadline lands on a Saturday or Sunday, then we give and we extend it to the Monday after,” Washington County tax collector Angela Wood said. 

There is a processing fee if you choose to pay online. 

You can also go in person at their courthouse office or at one of their offices in Fayetteville, Springdale, and Lincoln.