REACTION: Gov. Hutchinson Community COVID Conversation; here’s what constituents said

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"It was a cluster."

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — At the fourth Community COVID Conversation this week, held Friday, July 30, in Siloam Springs, Governor Asa Hutchinson talked about the importance for people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The meeting was held at the Community Building located on North Mt. Olive Street, with more than 50 people in attendance.

There was an array of remarks made on social media. Below is the reaction of several constituents.

Community COVID Conversation in Siloam Springs with Gov. Asa Hutchinson. This was the 4th “conversation” this week.


  • Yeah, where are the Congressional delegation? Shouldn’t they be going around to town halls trying to save lives? The stupidity of their own voters are dying! Geezzz.
  • Wow, the disrespect people show is disappointing.
  • Voicing ones concerns I guess is no longer a right in this country. So sorry for those suffering from this jab.
  • What do you think this town hall forum is all about? Exchanging pie recipes?
  • A Bully Session…
  • Listen carefully, this is all about information dispersal.
  • Maybe they need to go work at a hospital or at children hospital!!!!!!!!
  • 40 kids in ICU with COVID, 17 of them under 12.
  • It’s beyond sad and disheartening, I am a mom to a 17 year old and 3 year old. They are my world and I pray working face to face with covid patients I can continue to help others while keeping those I love most safe.
  • The intelligence level is the problem there.
  • My mom always said, “you can’t fix stupid,” and I’m not calling anyone stupid but that’s what she tells me.
  • I am appalled at how we treated the Governor this morning.
  • While it’s never ok to be disrespectful, we the people are tired of being lied to and being bullied. It’s time to stand up.
  • He’s had 1.5 year to get it right. You will see more of the people standing up. Not sure you will be able to handle it…
  • He’s a person just like you and I. That’s part of the problem, officials are treated like they are above normal citizens. Of the people, by the people, for the people.
  • I do agree that there could be an improvement in etiquette though.
  • It’s a shame that you “don’t have time” for your people, Asa.
  • 40 % lung 🫁 function. Are you all listening?????? He struggles to live!!!!!!!!! It’s long haulers!!!!!! You don’t want covid!!!!!
  • She said its not covid. Its pre-existing.
  • Please get vaccinated so we don’t have to shut everything down again. You’re making it hard on everyone by not doing it.
  • Getting the vaccine doesn’t protect you from the virus or any variants….JUST LIKE THE FLU. SOOOO your request stating things won’t be shut down if everyone gets the vaccine is a hope, not a fact.
  • And how do you know this?
  • Well, no vaccine is 100%…..Sooooooo, hence why plenty of people who get the flu shot still get the flu. Not rocket science at all … it’s common sense. Unfortunately, too many people in the world are lacking that skill so they just gobble up whatever is put on their plate instead of asking questions about it.
  • Also for the record, I’m not an anti-vaccine supporter but no vaccines production and testing time should be as little as the Covid-19 one is. 5-10 years from now they will have a commercial for people who have had significant side effects from it to file a class action suit because they haven’t done their due diligence on the short or long term side effects.
  • I’m vaccinated and alive and doing my best to save lives of those with and without covid.
  • Amen sister.
  • These folks don’t listen. When they disagree with science and facts and hear what they don’t want to hear, they just yell really loudly and block it all out.
  • Lobotomies was once an acceptable medical practice. It’s Healthy to question things. Especially when Big Brother is involved.
  • Sure question things; but when you are presented with clear data showing results, then your questions are answered and you move on. Instead, you have doubled down on misinformation and conspiracy theories and are actively trying to persuade people against something that has been proven to save lives.
  • The data is skewed. And when lottery tickets and fishing licenses are being used as bait, something is amiss. 
  • Conspiracy theories are the dominion of small minds.
  • Ohhh, I didn’t realize you were a data expert. Carry on.
  • But what I know? Guess the MSM, Politicians and every changing science knows better. Don’t be Gullible.
  • It’s too early in the game to know much of anything. So many questions and lack of trust on my part.
  • It is called literally and figuratively ‘moving the needle’. Getting the shot helps a lot!
  • A fish cannot describe the air. Not according to the polls. People on the center, center left and center right are a gasp at the anti-scientific conspiratorial thought emanating from the far right in this country.
  • I’m an RN. I give up on you anti vaccine people. My whole family has been vaccinated and I’m proud and feel safe. There ya go.
  • Address fears through knowledge…that’s the best advice given.
  • So embarrassing that people are interrupting and acting like fools!!!!!!
  • Because everyone is a doctor with Google in their hands!!!
  • So here my question, “why aren’t any of you concerned about all the illegals coming into our country not vaccinated?”
  • Me and my oldest will be fully vaccinated before school starts. Praying they get one for other two youngest. This isn’t stuff to play around with.
  • Asa won’t tell them the truth.
  • They must be a part of the “Circle back club.” Funny how he likes to end things quickly when he gets put in the hot seat.
  • 🤦‍♀️ Wow. Really, he just had to tell them, “yes, covid is real.” No wonder we are one of the top unvaccinated states. What a mess here.
  • How disrespectful to our Gov. No manners in Siloam?
  • I listened til I had enough. You can’t answer anything when your constantly being interrupted!
  • This is painful to watch.
  • Embarrassing Siloam Springs. 🙁
  • These people want kids in school with covid and no masks and no quarantines?
  • As soon as the mask mandate was dropped and places opened~~~ boom~~~ our cases went crazy high.
  • Ummmm, do you not remember while the mask mandate was in place and places still closed, the daily cases were 3000+ every day.
  • Because there was no vaccine and in private setting people didn’t mask up. That is why.
  • Funny though, people with the vaccine are still getting it. I know four who have, and one ended up on a ventilator. So!
  • Ppl getting sick after already having COVID and also getting bad case of COVID-19 months after being fully vaccinated.
  • Sorry for your friend but the science shows that vaccine can reduce risk of serious illness. I’ll take that risk at least I will know I have done everything I can to protect myself and others.
  • These people don’t even LISTEN to him.
  • Oh my gosh. What do you need to see to prove vaccines work? Or how many have to die before you get on board? Mind boggling. Get the vaccine!
  • The ignorance among our anti-vaccine folks is astounding.
  • This is the biggest joke Ive ever seen. These people…minus the ones who are actually advocating for the vaccinations are being absolutely ridiculous. Its sad that these people sound so backwoods and conspiratorial.
  • People are tired of being Lied too.
  • Either Asa is purposely lying or he is listening to and believing the people that are lying to him. Either way, the vaccines are only approved for emergency use as they have not met the testing standards to be fully approved. If you want to get the jab… that’s up to you. I don’t think it is a wise choice but it is your choice and I will not condemn you for it. Yet, I expect to be treated the same with my choice not to get vaccinated.
  • It was a cluster.

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