NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA) — Corey Chew was in her 40’s when she went back to school and graduated with a mortuary science degree.

“One day I went and filled in at a funeral home passing out the folders and I’m like, ‘okay I like this,'” Chew said. “I felt God calling me to become a funeral director.”

She’d go on to work for a local funeral home for the next 14 years, all while organizing local school backpack drives and helping out her church.

“Being there for the families during the hardest times has been rewarding,” Chew said.

“She has a way of just making people feel welcome, comfortable and at ease,” Chew’s husband, Richard, said.

Chew had to leave her career to care for her daughter who’s severely disabled, or as she likes to say, handi-capable.

“She does require assistance from day-to-day, getting up and getting dressed,” Chew said. “Then when our daughter, all of a sudden, she ended up in a wheelchair.” Her mom could empathize with her daughter.

Chew faced a giant challenge of her own.  During surgery, the surgeon nicked her brain, causing her to have a stroke and have to learn how to walk and talk again.

“Back at the beginning, it was frustrating when I couldn’t grasp a word I was trying to say,” Chew said.

But with perseverance and grace, she was able to recover and today continues to help her daughter and her family.

“As the bible says, she rejoices with those that rejoice and she weeps with those that weep,” Richard said.

“I think every woman has a strength inside of them, they just need to find it and every woman is remarkable they just need to realize that,” Chew said.

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