FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — Road crews are calling in extra workers to make sure they get ahead of this week’s potential winter weather.

Both the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the City of Fayetteville said their trucks are strapped with salt brine and plow blades, and they’re keeping workers on standby, so they can hit the ground running when road conditions worsen.

If you see one of the road crews’ trucks, they ask you to stay back to give them space to safely treat the roads. ARDOT said they spread salt overnight Sunday into Monday to make sure the roads were ready for the Monday morning rush hour.

“I always say it’s just that one storm, that one moment of letting your guard down, and it can cause a lot of big problems. So, this is expected to be a small relatively quick-moving system. Your part, the driver’s part, is to be aware of what’s going on,” said Dave Parker with ARDOT.

The Fayetteville transportation team said they’re waiting until temperatures are below freezing to start treating the streets with salt or beet juice and say they won’t pretreat a road if rain is on the way, since it’ll just wash off.

“You’re at the mercy of the weather, so you really kind of got to adapt to what it hands you,” said Joey Smith, the Assistant Transportation Manager in Fayetteville.

Smith said the city ordered salt throughout the summer and currently has 2,000 tons of it, with 350 tons on the way. He said they do not want to run out if the area sees an active winter.

ARDOT said they give extra attention to the interstates’ overpasses, bridges, and any on or off-ramps when spreading salt since those are the areas that freeze first.

The road crews want you to take it slow this week if the winter weather comes down.

Also, if you see a slick road, you can call Fayetteville’s Department of Transportation at 479-575-8228 Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. If it’s after hours, Smith said to call the police department at (479) 587-3555 or report it on the city’s new website feature here.