ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A community service officer (CSO) was hit while in a crosswalk by a vehicle at Evening Star Elementary on the morning of September 23.

According to Rogers Police Department Public Information Officer Keith Foster, the CSO was directing traffic during school drop off at the elementary on Pleasant Grove Road.

Rogers police said the CSO was transported to a hospital and is now recovering.

One parent, Melissa Fandrich, saw the incident happen and said it was very scary for her and her kids.

“It’s not meant for this much traffic obviously and there’s a big school and neighborhood and probably more things coming, so definitely nervous about walking across ourselves, our kids, and our families,” Fandrich said.

Jennifer Gerhardt’s child also uses the crosswalk to get to school. Gerhardt said she and other parents have been worried about how busy the street can get.

“My concern is my child being able to cross the street safely without me worrying she’s going to be hit by a car when she’s trying to get to school,” Gerhardt said.

Gerhardt said she and other nearby residents have attended Rogers Planning Commission meetings to discuss their concerns about the crosswalk. The City of Rogers told KNWA that city officials are looking into the concerns to ensure everyone stays safe.

“I personally would like to see a large, progressive speed hump and a camera that can monitor speeders and have that on all the time,” Gerhardt said.

Leslee Wright with Bentonville Schools released a statement regarding crosswalk safety.

We work with the Rogers and Bentonville police departments to make the path to school as safe as possible. We’re grateful for our community officers and our crosswalk guards who patrol this particular crosswalk and many others. We can’t stress enough that all drivers need to put away their phones, slow down and pay attention while in a school zone.

Bentonville Schools